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    HELP Adobe Pro 9 can't be installed by Adobe Techs?


      Back at the beginning of April I got the error message that the licensing was not working.  My Adobe 9 PRO became unusable.  I went to the website and spent 3 hours following the instructions.  The next day, I called Adobe support.  Spent 2 1/2 hours online with a guy from the Phillipines.  He did the same steps that I did the night before to NO avail.  Was supposed to call back.  Didn't get a call.


      Oh yeah - I can't install my Adobe Standard 6.0 either because it says I have a higher version!  (By the way, I have Windows 7)


      I downloaded Adobe X to get through tax season.  It expired 4/30.  I uninstalled yesterday.  Not sure whether I liked it and wanted my Pro 9 working.


      Yesterday, I spent another 2 hours with a Tech in India (can't wait to see my phone bill).  Nada!  Couldn't get it to install.  Would get 75% installed and then an error about not being able to access a Key would pop up.  He searched my computer but couldn't even locate this "key"




      Of course I can pay the $199 to upgrade to Adobe X, but why should I pay this?  They didn't even offer a discount!


      They have me over a barrel since I need this for my tax and accounting programs.


      Joanne M Elsen