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    [Flex 4.5] Compiler generates errors Flex 3 compatibility mode

    TucsonJava Level 1

      Just installed 4.5. An older project which uses Flex 3 compatibility mode and the Halo theme is generating errors upon compilation. E.g. "The style 'borderThickness' is only supported by type 'mx.containers.Form' with the theme(s) 'halo'. ".   In the Flex Compiler properties for the project, Use Flex 3 compatibility mode is selected. In the Flex Theme tab, Halo is selected.


      When I compile using an Ant script that also has those compilation values, the compile is without errors.


      Seems to me that the standard FlashBuilder compile is somehow missing the theme and/or compatibility selections in the Project properties. Can anyone else verify this? Is there a workaround?