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    Printing with the setMask on a clip???

    C-Rock Level 2
      I'm trying to print a movie clip that is being masked with a jpeg that is shiny surface.



      my_pj.addPage(_level8, {xMin:570, xMax:980, yMin:100, yMax:500}, {printAsBitmap:true});

      both are printing the masks of the movie clips as big boxes, covering the movie clips. so i'm just getting my shiny jpeg as the printout, instead of the movieclip that is supposed to be cutting out the mask to appear as though it's shape is shiny.


      this is how i'm having the set the mask since i'm loading an image to a movie clip and then masking it with this in a function when the load is complete.

      any ideas of how to get around this printing the mask only?