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    Native install with separated media content. Advice

    chrisisme Level 1

      This issue has come up several times in the past in various forms. With the new Native Installer options and more maturity in the tools, I'm hoping there is some defined best practices for dealing with distributing small AIR applications with large asset libraries. Developing educational tools that can not have their media content remote has been a challenge for AIR. The idea of just putting the media content in the src directory and moving on is simple at first but becomes a serious nightmare down the line. ELS doesn't work well with LARGE applications and forget the auto update frameworks. If you have a small application bug fix you have to push ALL assets with it and that is just not practical.


      A few things I believe I'm looking for but would love some feedback from the community:


      1. Using the AIR native installer process and adding a second stage asset copy to the installer to copy media to a support directory.
      2. Examples or a case study of using AIR in this sort of environment by maintaing the separation of media assets from the application on a LOCAL machine.
      3. NOT using the application preferences folder for local storage on the Mac side which is just plain BAD citizenry.