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    Upgrading to Acrobat X Web service calls slower...



      we made a plug-in button using javascript that takes the current document and sends it to a server using a webservice, the document is divided in chunks and sent to the server in size of 10 mg per chunk.


      this plug-in was working great, until the customer demanded that we migrate to acrobat x.

      we ran the same code and hit the wall to something similiar to this problem:



      see, we figured out that the time it takes to communicate with the web service became slower depending on the size of the parameter sent to this service.

      when sending a chunk of 10 mega using 9 it took almost 15 sec.

      when sending a chunk of 80 kbyte using x it took almost 15 min.


      a sample code is shown below:


          var stream = Collab.documentToStream(document);

          var service = Net.SOAP.connect(url);

          var bound = 10485760;

          var documentSize = document.filesize;

          var thermo = app.thermometer;

          thermo.duration = Math.round(documentSize / bound);

          thermo.text = "Sending document to server";

          var counter = 0;


          try {

              var stringReaded;

              var fileName = '';

              var parameter = {

                  soapType: "xsd:string"


              do {

                  thermo.value = counter;

                  stringReaded = stream.read(bound);

                      parameter.jsonPdf = stringReaded;

                      fileName = service.SavePdf(parameter);





              while (stringReaded.length == bound * 2);


          catch (e) {