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    Windows 7 crash

    Rick Schachter Level 1

      I have modeless dialog box that contains several CControlView- derived widgets. The widget UIs are loaded from JPG files.


      When InDesign is terminated, there is a crash in bib.dll. The crash only occurs in Vista and Win7.


      The crash is caused by the following line...

           InterfacePtr<IImageReadFormat> pImageReadFormat(pImageFormatManager->QueryImageReadFormat(pFileStream)); BailIfFail(!pImageReadFormat)


      I've tried a try/catch block, but that didn't help.


      I've tried everything I can think of to try to fix this, including subclassing the application window procedure- where I monitored all the messages. I did discover the the CControlView::Draw method was never called after the app was terminated.


      So to say I'm puzzled would be an understatement.


      The identical code running on CS3 and CS4 doesn't cause a problem in Win7.


      Any insight would be appreciated.