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    Deletion of Flash Builder 4.5 when installing Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP

    stolennickname Level 1

      There is a very serious error with the Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP installer (from http://static.zend.com/topics/Flash-Builder-for-PHP-4.5.0-Release-Notes.txt ):


      If Flash Builder 4.5 (not PHP) is already installed on the machine, and the 
        product (Flash Builder for PHP 4.5) is then installed in a different location, 
        the user gets the "FB is installed" dialog.
        After clicking OK, the installation rolls back and removes both Flash Builder
        and Flash Builder for PHP.


      My questions:


      Can Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP be installed in the same location without deleting Flash Builder 4.5? If so, please define "location."


      Is there a workaround for installing both flavors of Flash Builder 4.5 and avoiding the deletion issue described above?


      Can a single do-it-all version of Flash Builder 4.5 be installed that combines the SDKs and features of both flavors of the Flash Builder 4.5 product?