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    Publishing Director files for ios, and mac.. stores.

    Kristopher Hastings

      i want to submit apps to the app store for apples... ios and macOsx platforms... but one of the rules to be able to do so states that..,,,

      it must be a single all inclusive file


      director when you publish make like 2 files i think... is adobe working on fixing this... im so ready to make apps but dont want to have to learn alot of Objective C and Cocoa.

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          jchunick Level 2

          Valentin Schmidt posted this on the Direct-L regarding making apps for the AppStore:


          "although I'm not really into that App Store thing (some of you might

          remember ;-), I think I have an alternative solution that might be
          better (if it works). here is what I just did:

          1.) open "TrimTheFat", go to the program settings and change it so that
          the the traget files are altered directly and no backup copies are created.

          2.) now duplicate you complete "Adobe Director 11" folder inside the
          application folder, and rename the copy e.g. to "Adobe Director 11

          3.) inside that new duplicate IntelOnly director folder, temporarily
          rename the folder
          /Configuration/Projector Resources
          /Configuration/Projector Resources.app
          drop that application bundle on the TrimTheFat icon (which will remove
          the PPC parts of all director frameworks inside), and then rename it to
          /Configuration/Projector Resources

          4.) drop the complete
          folder inside that duplicate IntelOnly Director folder on the TrimTheFat
          icon, which will strip the PPC part of ALL xtras.

          Done! Now you have a new version of Director 11 that creates pure Intel
          stadalone projectors. I think (hope) that such standalone projectors can
          directly (that is, after moodifying Info.plist) be used in combination
          for the app store. if you or anybody else has a chance to test if that's
          correct, here is a little IntelOnly test projector that I just created
          this way with my IntelOnly Director Version:

          it's a standalone projector that contains 6 xtras."


          .... and then he followed up with this post:

          "unfortunately this method only solves the intel-only standalone

          projector issue, but not the code signing issue. using the codesign tool
          with such an intel-only projector still results in an error.

          but I found a simple and free solution also for this problem (along the
          lines that toby already described): you can create a tiny "outer" app
          package using "playtypus":

          I used this tool to create a minimal app bundle called
          CipboardViewer.app that internally only calls a bash script with this

          open "./ClipboardViewer.app"

          here a playtypus screenshot that shows the settings I used:

          then I've put my original IntelOnly director projector (also called
          "CipboardViewer.app") inside the /Contents/Resources folder inside the
          playtypus app.

          Done. The resulting app can succesfully be signed with codesign simply
          typing something like this in the terminal:

          codesign -s fluxus -v /Users/fluxus/Desktop/ClipboardViewer.app

          for details on the signing process see also:

          here is a demo app I created with this method:

          instead of downloading and using playtypus, you could as well just
          download this demo, replace the internal projector.app with your own
          intel-only projector and edit Contents/Info.plist and
          Contents/Resources/script accordingly (and then sign the result with
          your own key).

          and here is a self-signed version of the above demo:



          Beyond that I have not used Director on Mac so I cannot answer any questions, but hopefully everything is clear enough to follow.