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    Lens Correction Profiles: Pasting develop settings in bridge yields inconsistent crop


      Hello Everyone,


      I recently discovered lens correction profiles which have been a real benefit to me in my most recent batch of images shot at 16mm on a Canon 5d MII. The lens distortion isn't always spot on, but it is a huge headstart most of the time.


      I bracket photos for HDR and will apply all my crop settings to one image in the bracketed series and afterwards psate the settings onto all the others in the series. This works great.


      However, once I started using Lens Correction Profiles, when I paste the crop setting onto the subsequent images, the crop is in a different position. I was completely baffled. But after some fiddling around, I noticed that if I manually open each of the subsequent images, remove the crop, uncheck and recheck the Lens Correction Profile, and reapply the crop, it is consistent with the first. This leads me to believe that somewhere in the Paste Setting sequence, it is doing the crop out of order. (As if it is cropping the image and THEN applying the lens correction--which yeild different results.)


      (As a item of note, when I mean cropping, I use the automatic crop obtained by highlighting the entire area of the image after applying lens corrections so as to only crop out the grey areas acquired by shifting the image around while still maintaining aspect ratio.)


      Is there any way we can get the pasting to paste so as to make these subsequent images identical to the original image? Or am I missing something?




      Relevant Specs:


      OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit



      Adobe Camera Raw

      Photoshop 12.0.3 x64