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    Can merged help do this?

    frma Level 1
      I need to create help for a modular project where add-in modules may be developed after the main product is released. I want the help for the module to appear fully integrated with the main product help to the user, and also to disappear quietly with no problems if the module is uninstalled.
      Is merged help the right way to address this situation? Since I don't know what the future add-in modules will be, I can't prepare the parent project in the main product for the coming modules.
      One solution may be to install a new parent project help together with each new add-in module, but this seems a bit clumsy. Is there any other way to handle it?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi frma

          One way to do this is to create "stubs". For example, let's say you have a product called Image Flattener. Your main file might be called ImageFlattener.CHM. Or even IF.CHM. And let's say that the developers are creating modules. They estimate 10 modules, but only 7 are developed. You could then create your IF.CHM file with "stubs" for 10 modules. Maybe you call them IF1.CHM, IF2.CHM and so on.

          But if you were pretty smart, you wouldn't stop there. You would actually plan for perhaps 15 modules. This way, expansion is built in.

          Just a thought... Rick