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    column chart problem

    ssardar Level 1

      my requirements dictate i build a column chart of 3 months.  The current month, the previous month and the next month.

      Basically plotting deliverables by month for projects.


      Now for anyone who has used column chart (stacked) will realize I also need to build 3 columnseries dynamically to get this to plot correctly.


      I go through an arraycollection called monthlyDeliverables and create and Object to chart.


      I use a generic Function that takes, (deliverableName,month and year):Object  to create the object and the series, then I push the series into a global ArrayCollection reference.


      Now this works fine month by month, and the data is accurate.


      But when I go to plot all 3 months, it does not plot properly at all.  Is there something I am overlooking as to why this would not work?? some render time issue?