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    Problem with Spry element reference using SSI

    DWguy Level 1

      I recently re-tooled my website in Dreamweaver CS5 for Mac. One of the new elements is a Spry menu bar, which seems to deliberately try to get on my nerves. Today, I decided that the easiest way to maintain the menu bar (updates, etc.) was using an SSI or Server-Side Include command. So I pulled up a new document, completely removed everyting (the whole HTML declaration), and pasted the menu bar's code, as well as the accompanying JavaScript, separated by closed tags and, of course a line break (not a <br> command) in Code view. I saved this file as an .html in the "include" file in "Spry-UI-1.7" in my site's root folder, and it seemed to work well in Live View, browser previews and even in BrowserLab. Then I uploaded it to my host, MobileMe, a WebDAV server, directly from Dreamweaver using Put. The entire index.html page worked, but that was about as far as I could go, because the menu bar didn't appear. At all. I checked the console in Chrome, and the source code displayed the SSI reference to the menu bar, while the console showed no errors pertaining to the menu bar.
      Any ideas?
      Note: I hesitated wether to put this in the HTML5 category or Spry category; I believe the SSI is at the root of the problem. If this is the wrong category, and you think this belongs in Spry, please say so.