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    Newbie - Creating a link?


      I'm creating my webpage using Fireworks & Dreamweaver.  I've created my main pag

      e using Fireworkds because I have a lot of graphics that I created.  I'm trying to include a sub-menu on the page.


      Using the following example, this is what I'm trying to accomplish:


      1.  a heading in the sub-menu is RESTAURANT in black text.

      2.  when a user mouses over the word RESTAURANT it change to red text.

      3.  when a user clicks on the word RESTAURANT the browser moves to the paragraph about restaurants (I don't want it to open in a new window)


      I've been able to accomplish Steps 1 & 2 using hotspots and slices, but I'm unable to figure out how to accomplish Step 3.


      If someone could give me step-by-step instructions on Step 3, I'd really appreciate it.  I'm a very confused newbie!  LOL


      Thanks very much.

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          If the link you want to shift to is on the same page as the menu, you're talking about named anchors. This is something better done in Dreamweaver than Fireworks. If you can even *do* it in Fireworks, you'd need to create an HTML slice over the  area you want the link to go to and give it an ID. It won't be a very intuitive process if indeed you can make it work at all.


          One piece of advice before you go any further. PLEASE do not think you can build your final web page (pages, site) in Fireworks. It is a design tool. Build your mock up in Fireworks, sure. Create, edit, slice and optimize the graphics necessary for your web site, yes.


          Do the HTML and CSS in Dreamweaver.


          Oh, and if you're using the pop up menu from Fireworks in the hopes of using it in your final site, STOP RIGHT NOW. It's a mess. Easy to use when in FW, but a pain in the behind when you have to start managing those menus in Dreamweaver. You will regret using these menus once you move to DW. DW has far better options and there are even better options than Dreamweaver's features for these types of menus, available both commericially and for free, and can be used right within DW.