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    Abstract data type in wsdl xml schema


      Hi ,

           I have just started using flex and trying to create a client for my web-services. But I am facing problems where I need to pass derived datatypes to my service. Consider following scenario:


      In my XML Schema I have

      DataType A : abstract

      DataType B with <xsd:extension base="A"> so B is a derived type from A.


      now when calling the webservice I am using some thing like

      <A xsi:type="B">

      //content of datatype B




      I used flash builder to generate value objects but I could not find any class for B. So I had coded that. and then passed that to my service request. While debugging I found out that my soap request is empty.


      Sorry for not posting actual code. Any help is really appreciated.


      I have been looking into the problem for about 2 days now. I find out the abstract="true" is not supported in flex 3 , could not find any info about flex 4.

      Other solution is write your own encoder which I think I am too new to flex to write.

      Another solution was to hard code and XML object and send it across which will be populated in SOAP:body and passed as such. This approach actually worked.