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    Robohelp editing




      I managed to link the FrameMaker document to RoboHelp using 'Technical comunication Suite'. I modified the FrameMaker document through FrameMaker and updated the changes in Robohelp. Is it possible  to modify the FrameMaker document in Robohelp itself and update the changes to FrameMaker?

      So I can print the doument using FrameMaker without using Robohelp.



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          In the flow of Suite the primary editor is suppose to be FrameMaker, what seems to be

          your confusion is that you can update the generated topics in RoboHelp and that change

          should get reflected  back  to FrameMaker then my answer is no the update is one way i.e. FrameMaker modification can be propogated to RoboHelp but vice versa is not possible.


          but at any point in  time you will be modifing/updating Linked FrameMaker document then you always have the option to Print from FrameMaker as in such a flow RoboHelp is primarily used to generate online/desktop flavours of outputs (Like AIR, WebHelp etc.)



          Hope this helps


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            Thanks Ashish..