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    Image maps with UDV


      Hello Robohelpers,


      So here is the issue: I am doing a front page to a webhelp that will basically have a screenshot of the software's front page, with an image map, saying "Please click on an area of the Portal page for more information about that section". This is up and works fine.


      However, not all users will be presented with the same Portal page, some will have less options/functionality. I have made the image a UDV so that I can quickly swap in the correct screenshot depending on the output.


      The issue then of course is the Image map, which has to change for each of the different images as the screenshot is different. I have tried editing the image map within the UDV Design display, but the Square/Circle/Polygon options are all greyed out (this is RH 9, btw).


      Is there a way to make Image Maps for images being used as User Defined Variables? I could have all the images in the one topic and just use Condition tags to control which is outputted but this feels quite messy.


      Thanks for any help, really appreciate this forum and the quick replies one tends to get,