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    HTTPService (cache)problem

    vineet osho Level 1

      Hi Frnds

                      I am working on a flex-java application in which i use httpservice request and hit java and get response on my response handler

      here is my format of request.


      <s:HTTPService id="httpData" resultFormat="e4x" fault="onFault(event)"
             result="onResultHandler(event)" useProxy="false"  />

      but first time it works fine.but when i send same parameters again it will provide same response from cache not even hit my jsp page.but when i change the parameter it will works again fine.but second time for same parameter it will again get same response without hitting jsp page.can any body guide me how to clear that cache so that i get fresh response in my resulthandler on every hit.Even i am not getting from where it getting response and call my resulthandler with old data values.waiting for a +ve reply ..


      Thanks And Regards

        Vineet Osho