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    Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator


      I was not sure whether to post this in the Fireworks, Photoshop, or Illustrator forums. The horrid design of the other two forums, and the fact that no matter how much it was referenced I could not find an Add Topic button (and yes, I was logged in) brought me here.

      The new replacement suite for Studio, CS3 Web Premium, includes Photoshop and Illustrator. I know that Fireworks and Illustrator both do vector graphics, but other then that, what is the difference between the three? Why would I use all three when I could get along with just one-is there a specific use for each? Which might be better for creating a website comp?


      PS: Are there Adobe created tutorials on the software suite available somewhere, like the Exploring Studio ones?
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          abeall Level 3
          Yeah, the old Adobe forums are pretty nasty, aren't they? :) These forums are pretty slow, though -- another reason some people prefer using the synced newsgroups all around instead.

          No problems posting it here, just don't be surprised if everyone says Fireworks is the best. ;) Actually, each tool is unique, best at what they do.

          Everyone will tell you this, but it's really true: the best way will be to download the trials of all three and give them a spin. What sort of stuff do you want to do? Pick something, and try to do it in all three, you'll find out which is better for the task pretty quickly. Don't just throw some random shapes and text around, that won't really give you a good feel of how a real project would go down for you. Pick a practical project and do it in all three.

          That said, here's a summary of all three, in my opinion:

          Illustrator: Advanced vector editing application, little to no raster editing support. Powerful but very high learning curve for most people. Illustrator targets print work, and is rarely used for web work, though you can. It has many print specific features that are meaningless for the web, and sometimes confusing and misleading for web designers.

          Photoshop: Advanced raster editing program, little vector support(sometimes criticized as having no "true" vector support). Powerful image manipulation abilties, has a medium learning curve, but a lot of efficiency deficiencies in my opinion which can make it frustrating to many beginners. Photoshop was originally for print(and still is) but has developed some decent web oriented features(exporting, slices, etc). However, it's duel print/web feature set can get in the way of both when you are dealing with one medium or the other.

          Fireworks: Hybrid vector and raster editing application, exclusively for web design(not print). Has all the basic features of vector editing and raster editing combined in one very coherent, seamless environment, but doesn't have the most advanced vector features found in Illustrator or the most advanced raster features found in Photoshop. Pretty easy learning curve. Fireworks is designed especially for web and has been since the start, so has many web centric features making it very focused for web design and overall very intuitive to most web designers. For instance, Fireworks is the only application of the three that has support for multiple page documents, which is really useful for web design.

          Hope that helps! I'm sure you'll get more responses. :)
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            Dylnuge Level 1

            I downloaded the trials. It seems Fireworks is my current favorite for making website comps, but I still like Photoshop (the only one I have used before) for making logos and the sort. Illustrator is nice, but I have not really used it much yet.