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    One Topic with Some Dead mini-TOC Links in RH8

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      We have a topic with many tables, all placed under H2 sections. Of the mini-TOC's nine H2 headings, the first six titles in the Show drop-down are properly linked, whereas the last three are not (just dead text strings).


      I've compared the code in this topic to other similar topics, but have found no issues with tables, styles, navigations, etc. The only thing I've keyed on, is that most of the 3-column tables have one or more rows in which columns 2 and 3 are merged. This penultimate&last-column-merge issue has cropped up in the forums before, but not recently and not associated with mini-TOCs AFAIK.


      Might this be the issue? If not, I'd rather not restructure all of them for nothing. Any thoughts on this situation?





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          How about import the problem topic in a test project and see if it has the same problem. If it does, de-merge and see if the problem goes away.


          Not a solution, but at least you can determine for sure if it's the merged cells causing the problem and log a bug with Adobe.


          Oh, another test would be to remove some of the tables, to see if it's something to do with the length/complexity of the topic.


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