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    Click END, Captivate loads 9 slides

      Very unusual result today. While capturing an existing simulation created in OnDemand, after clicking on the button on the last slide, captivate displays that slides are being created, returns to ap only to have 9 slides (45 were captured). Attempt to record the missing slides by clicking on Insert-> Record Additional slides and receive error stating that one recording session is currently running. End that session and then continue.
      Have to reboot PC to clear, shutting down captivate and logging off and back on does not reset Captivate.

      Has anyone seen this undocumented feature and is there any way to prevent it?

      I was able to go back and record small increments of slides (5-10 at a time).
      I have 1 gig of memory. I find better results with 2 or more gig, though I have never seen this issue.
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          I know this is an old thread but I am experiencing the same issue!

          I am capturing an online form and have previously captured it with no problems. Now it is stalling and producing only a few of the slides. When I go back to get more slides it says another session is running.

          When I restart my computer Captivate automatically loads to the welcome screen - something it has never done before!

          Can anyone help ???

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            AlexR-G Level 1
            Just FYI to anyone who may come across this problem - I fixed this issue by not using custom recording mode. I reverted all recording modes back to thier default and the issues resolved themselves.

            My gift of Captivate knowledge to y'all...