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    Bug? Coldfusion Search hangs

    DFBurns Level 1

      Checking out the release of CFB2, I'm having problems with the new ColdFusion Search feature.


      I thought a reasonable use-case would be to do a tag search for cfquery's that contain 'INSERT INTO' and a specific table name. When I ran that, it pegged my CPU at 100%, CFB2's memory usage went from 250MB to 600MB and the progress indicator got stuck at 36%. I had to kill CFB2 and restart it to recover. Anyone else see this?



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          Sagar H Ganatra

          I'm not able to see this issue on my build. I've installed CFB 2 as standalone on Win 7. Can you please paste the code that you are using to search for the tag cfquery? Also, let me know the OS and the mode of installation (Standalone or Plug-in) on which you are seeing this issue.

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            DFBurns Level 1

            I have a standalone install of version on WinXP SP3.


            I'm not sure what you mean by 'paste the code' so here is what I enter in the dialog box:


            Scope: Projects

            Project: I check my one open project

            File Extensions: CFM and CFC only

            Search: Tag

            Choose Tag: cfquery

            Match: All of the conditions

              Containing 'Text' where text is INSERT INTO

              Containing 'Text' where text is dbTableName

            Action: Do nothing

            All Options boxes are unchecked.


            It seems to start fine (search results view opens and progress bar is moving) but gets to the 36% point I describe and then hangs. Using the cancel button results in the progress window saying a cancel was requested but that's it. I have not waited longer than 5 minutes to see if anything would happen.


            Please let me know what other info I can provide to you to help diagnose.

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              Kiran Sakhare



              Some cases ColdFusion tag search takes too long time to parse files which has HTML/CFML code which has some errors. Until the timeout, ColdFusion search seems to be hung while parsing these type of file. What I suggest you is, check in ColdFusion search dialog which file currently it is parsing, skip that folder containing that file or move the file somewhere/rename the file type not same as file extension you specified in search dialog.


              We will look into this issue, If you able to locate the file where search is seems to be hanging, please mail me to  ksakhare@adobe.com.



              Kiran Sakhare

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                DFBurns Level 1

                Kiran -


                I've emailed you a file that makes the search hang when I only have CFB search in that file. I'm not 100% convinced that there aren't others since the status bar was not a reliable indicator of what file or files were causing the hang.