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    WinHelp to HTML Help-missing TOC

      Hello all,

      I am currently using X5.0.2 and am trying to convert a winhelp project to an HTML help project. I converted within RoboHelp by creating a new HTML project from an existing WinHelp project. Upon a successful import, my TOC/Index is missing. Is there a certain way to convert and keep my TOC/Index intact? or do I just have to re-create? Thanks for any help.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi b-ster and welcome to the RH community. It's been a few years since I converted a Winhelp project but from memory when you import the HLP file you should get the TOC. How did you import? I created a new HTML Help project and used the Import wizzard as part of the same step.
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            b-ster Level 1
            Hi Colum,

            Thanks for the response. I actually just compiled my existing winhelp project and generated an html output (to produce the .chm file) and everything worked out. My only question now is, how to hook up the existing pop up (from winhelp) to convert to pop up or "what's this"/field level help in my html help? Any suggestions?? Thanks a lot.