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    CFB2 cannot read server mappings (CFC introspection doesn't work)

    Marko Simic

      Whatever I try, whatever I do, it simply won't work.
      I am using CFB2 (stand alone) trial and ColdFusion 8 (single server).

      I've set several sever mappings, and only one is of my concern, which points to project root (not accesable by web).

      Browsed all related topics here, read blog(s) http://blogs.adobe.com/cfbuilder/2011/03/where-coldfusion-builder-finds-my-cfcs.html, followed all advices and tips found there and nothing....nada...zero...absolute absence of success


      This issue (bug) follow me since first steps of of CFB1.

      To conclude with tech spec:


      App Server: CF 8 single server on JRUN

      HTTPD: Apache 2.x

      Web root: c:\program...\Apache Found...\htdocs\ (default, CFIDE installed here)

      Project root: c:\project\

      Web alias: appdev -> c:\project\web

      Server mappings: gms -> c:\project\cfc


      When I type "gms." nothing happens and component path is underlined yellow.


      Thank you.



      I just submited this report in bug base #2869931



      Behave the same when installed as plugin