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    Flex - JW Player - Interaction Problem - No control Over Player


      Hey all,


      I am getting this particular error when I try to stop the player from a button click


      at PlayerNewMethod/button1_clickHandler()[C:\Users\gurpreet\Adobe Flash Builder 4\IPLFront_Withchanges\src\PlayerNewMethod.mxml:68]
      at PlayerNewMethod/___PlayerNewMethod_Button1_click()[C:\Users\gurpreet\Adobe Flash Builder 4\IPLFront_Withchanges\src\PlayerNewMethod.mxml:83]


      Code segment as follows:


      protected function button1_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):{
      <mx:Canvas id="canv" width="838" height="491" backgroundColor="0xffffff"  x="43">
              <mx:Button x="728" y="5" label="Change Video" click="button1_clickHandler(event)"/>




      Does anyone has prior experience, insights or suggestions, really stuck with this problem, I have absolutely no control on the code


      Thanks in advance