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    How do I change the tooltip text for the Print button?

    Arva Finch

      Using RoboHelp HTML


      I have added customized Contents, Search, and Print buttons and a background graphic to a RoboHelp skin. I do not want any text to appear next to these buttons on the toolbar--only tooltips. In the WebHelp output, the tooltip for the Contents and Search buttons work perfectly. When I pause my cursor over Contents, the tooltip says "Contents." When I pause my cursor over Search, the tooltip says "Search." This seems to be a default setting because I can't find where the tooltip text is coming from (the Text fields for these buttons in the WebHelp Skin Editor are blank). I also can't find how to control the tooltip text for the Print button. It doesn't seem to work like the others.
      Here's what I've tried:
      (A) Edit the skin by changing the text fields.
      --In the WebHelp Skin Editor on the Toolbar tab, select Print in the list and choose Edit.
      --On the Text tab, enter Print in both the Item Name and Text fields. This places text in the tooltip AND next to the button. I only want text to appear in the tooltip.
      --Remove text from the Text field. This removes text from the tooltip and the text next to the button.
      (B) Edit the skin by making the font smaller.
      --There is only a global setting. You can't change text for individual buttons. Changing the font size and color changes it for ALL button text, including the Search field area.
      (C) Tried to find the Java script that controls this text, unsuccessfully (I'm definitely not a Java expert).


      Any suggestions are appreciated.