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    Name crop settings

    ianwhiting Level 1

      I would like to see an ability to name a crop setting, eg I might want to name 640 x 380 "My web site slideshow". I have lots of crop settings and cannot always remember which ones are used for which applications

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A workaround, and perhaps what Adobe expects you to do, is to can create a named preset that merely sets the crop ratio.

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            ianwhiting Level 1

            Thanks, I have now tried this but cannot see the option to select the Aspect Ratio in the "add preset" dialogue

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              areohbee Level 6

              Crop settings are not supported in presets yet - the feature request to be able to save crop settings (not just aspect ratios) has been suggested before.


              The only workarounds I know for saving crop settings are:

              1. Keep dummy photos with the crop settings you want, then copy & paste or sync crop settings when needed.

              2. Use the XMP-Edit plugin, which is obsolete and hasn't been maintained for a long time (but may still work).

              3. Use text editor macros or the like to apply crop settings to the xmp file, then read metadata (wont work with DNG or RGB formats (neither will xmp-edit)).


              All are more trouble than they are worth to me, but thought I'd throw them out there for you.


              PS - I know of no workarounds for saving aspect-ratio proper.



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                ianwhiting Level 1

                Thanks Rob


                I thought it might not be easy to do but wondered if I had missed something obvious.


                Hopefully Adobe will add it on another release.


                Thanks for the work-arounds but I agree, too much effort for such a simple task, so I'll keep my pencil list of regular crop sizes to refer to.