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    Unable to load embedded PDF - must change settings for all users


      Hello.  We recently updated to Adobe Reader X on our three terminal servers.  Since the update we have found that a lot of our users are having an issue loading PDF's that are embedded in web sites.


      They access different websites that have such features and the PDF must be displayed in the browswer for it to load correctly.  Anyways, I have properly found what settings to adjust in Adobe Reader, my issue is that I need these settings adjusted for all 50 something employees and I really don't want to log into each user account and change the settings.


      The settings that must be adjusted are as follows:


      Edit > Preferences > General > Uncheck Enable Protected Mode at Startup

      Edit > Preferences > Internet > Uncheck Display in Read Mode by Default

      Edit > Preferences > Internet > Uncheck Allow fast web view

      Edit > Preferences > Internet > Uncheck Allow speculative downloading in the background



      I have found the registry files for the Protected Mode startup and Display in Read Mode, but am unable to find the other two registry settings.  Does anyone have any idea where those might be?  Or if you have a better suggestion on how to deploy Adobe with these settings already configured?  I have looked in the Customization Tool but was unable to find all the settings there as well.  Thanks!