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    Master Collection




      Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this. I tried browsing for an appropriate category and could not fiond one.


      I work for a community coleege and we are looking to upgrade our Master Collection from CS5 to CS 5.5. I noticed that only these apps are upgraded to 5.5:


      InDesign CS5.5  

      Flash Catalyst CS5.5

      Flash Professional CS5.5

      Dreamweaver CS5.5

      Premiere Pro CS5.5

      After Effects CS5.5

      Audition CS5.5

      Bridge CS5.5  

      Device Central CS5.5

      Media Encoder CS5.5


      I assume the below list will stay the same CS5 version that I already have installed in my labs currently, correct? (as they are CS5 and not 5.5)

      Photoshop CS5 Extended   
      Illustrator CS5                                                  
      Flash Builder 4.5 Premium   
      Fireworks CS5   
      Contribute CS5   
      OnLocation CS5   
      Encore CS5                               
      Dynamic Link           



      Acrobat Pro X is new. Does Audition replace Soundbooth?


      Thank you all for your help!