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    CFB2 Plugin Issue


      I just upgraded to CF Builder 2 yesterday. I did a clean install along with grabbing version 3.6.2 64 bit version of eclipse.


      Everything was fine at first but now any time I launch eclipse and the Builder Plugin starts up I keep seeing a message in the bottom right of eclipse saying "Processing Syntax Errors" and it eventually uses up all the memory in eclipse and eclipse crashes on me.


      I've increased the memory in the eclipse.ini file but that hasn't helped any.


      I'm on OS X 10.6.7.


      Has anyone else run into this? I never ran into this in CF Builder 1.




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          I wonder if that is related to the Quick Fix feature in CFB2? I found that feature to be pretty much useless since it doesn't understand inheritance, it was marking all kinds of stuff invalid and it was the first thing I did, to turn it off. I never can understand adding features like this that don't fully support what the language does (inheritance in particular being pretty commonly used).

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            krishnapreddy_adobe Level 2

            Did you put any value for PermSize?

            Can you please try with the following values if it helps:


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              bendensmore Level 1

              Changing the VM Args didn't seem to solve my issue.


              What did fix it however was MaryJo's suggestion. Go into Preferences > ColdFusion > Profiles >Editor > Syntax Checking and uncheck the "Enable Syntax Checking" and "Enable Quick Fix" options.


              Not sure if that has any side effects or not but so far I haven't had any issues.




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                MaryJo Level 1

                Shouldn't be any side effects, it's an optional feature that IMO isn't particularly useful for most of us, as it just marks up your IDE with issues that aren't really issues. My guess is that it was finding so many "problems" that it was bombing out.

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                  MaryJo Level 1

                  I'm curious if you are doing development that might tend to cause this to find lots of supposed problems...I do a lot with Coldspring and almost all my components inherit from abstract parent components so it just went crazy tagging problems in my code. I didn't see a crash, but that definitely might be a bug to report if it can actually cause this.

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                    bendensmore Level 1

                    Well, I'm building a fairly large ColdBox app that uses ColdBox's ORM functionality rather than ColdFusion's built-in ORM. You might be correct that Builder is seeing those calls as being errors.


                    I also use ColdBox's WireBox Framework to wire up my models into the controller components. I'm assuming Builder will look at method calls to components that have been injected by WireBox as errors.

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                      MaryJo Level 1

                      Yup, that's it exactly, all that stuff would get tagged by this function as errors. So you certainly would need it turned off regardless.