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    Can script dup Image with photoshop path


      VBscript is preferred, Thankyou.


      I would like script to do because speed is fast.

      duplicate current selection image

      bring to front

      remove all effects

      take photoshop path

      fit to size

      Which on-hand shortcut will be:

      CTRL+ALT+U, 1 {tab} 0 {tab} 0 {tab} {enter}


      ALT+O, E, A

      CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+K, ALT+Y, {DNArrow}{DNArrow} {enter}

      ALT+O, F, F

      Manual Step not hard to do, but script make faster.


      If using SendKeys, Need to Sleep few seconds for waiting dialog, but fail to use WSH object to sleep.

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          Haakenlid Level 3

          Don't know VB, but here is how to do it with javascript. Should not be too difficult to convert to VB if you know it.


          var myImage = app.selection[0];
          //duplicate current selection image
          // bring to front
          //remove all effects (I do this by applying object style [none])
          myImage.appliedObjectStyle = app.activeDocument.objectStyles.itemByName("[None]");
          //take photoshop path (I assume there is just one path in the file)
          //fit to size (I assume you mean "Fit frame to content")