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    Very very messy code?

    Adrien. Level 1

      I was working on a project in Flash Catalyst and went to the code workspace to see what types of files were being spit out. All of it is Mxml - with no AS (why?) and the main.mxml file has probably a thousand lines or more of code (extremly bad in terms of proper development models and modulization) not to mention all the buttons are in mxml which is fine i guess...but should they not be AS?


      How do I make this project - when I finally bring it into FB - more readable and cleaner? and still maintain the ability to (compatability with FC) work back and forth?


      Both of these applications are from the cs 5.5 series.



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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          It is almost a 100% certainty that no one will like the generated code from any tool.;)


          With that said, the code got better in 5.5. My advice would be to start in small chunks, go into Flash Builder and refactor, the return to Flash Catalyst. In general I recommend using Catalyst on sub parts of the application, and not try to do the whole project at once. Now some of that comes from the lack of round tripping in 1.0, but also from a practical sense of some parts of a UI are designed before others.


          As to the MXML vs. AS debate, Flex is mostly defined by MXML for the UI, that is the party line, thus Catalyst follows along. The need for AS skins in mobile is a relatively new requirement, and to that I would expect we would see some changes in the next version



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            Adrien. Level 1

            Ok that makes some sense. I just hate how messy the code is. In terms of refactoring and breaking things up into more managable code blocks that are easier to maintain over the long run - any tips for refactoring the larger chunks of code into smaller chuncks and still maintaining that "compatability" with FC? so I can round trip when needed?