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    How can i sort a groupingfield in AdvancedDataGrid

    Shravan P



      I have a AdvanceddataGrid, in that i have a groupingfield called "month" which contains months data(ex: April 2011).

      When i populate the data in ADG, the months are not populating in a chronological order. how can i achieve this.


      In this below image, i need to get months in chronological order. i used custom sort for children(1,2,3,4,5,6) and its working fine.. but how can i make this custom sort for chronological order.



      i used this below code, but its only working for alphabetical order. i need to get it done in chronological order.


      private function sortData():void {
      var sort:Sort = new Sort();
      var sortField:SortField = new SortField("Count");

      .fields = [sortField];        // Set 'Product' as the field to be sorted on
      .dataProvider.sort = sort;   // Add the sort to the dataProvider of the dataGrid
      .source.refresh();              // Refresh the GroupCollection


      can anyone help me out in this issue.