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    After Effects - Multiprocessing not allowed even when a Proxy is used?

    Imaginary Rob Level 1

      Hi everybody!


                I have a composition (Comp1)  that uses an effect which doesn't allow multiprocessing (e.g., Lens Blur) -- this I understand.


                Comp1 is used inside of Comp2.  When I pre-render Comp1 and use that render as a proxy for Comp1 inside of Comp2, I still can't use multiprocessing.  This is the confusing bit.  I'd think since the Lens Blur effect isn't actually being rendered, it shouldn't give me any guff.


                Alas, it does.  Anyone else run into this?  Is there a workaround, or is it a bug/oversight by our friends at Adobe?


                Thanks in advance as always -- this forum is a great resource!