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    How Can I Install the SDK 3.6 Data Visualization Components?

    laxmidi Level 1



      I upgraded my Flex Builder 3 SDK to 3.6 today. I'm on a Mac.


      I'd like to use the data visualizationcomponents as well. I downloaded them here . But, I don't understand how to install them. It says follow the instrucitons here .


      To install the library and related assets do the following:


      1. Unzip ‘datavisualization_SDK3.5.zip’ onto the  SDK 3 folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.0). This will extract  the following into the SDK 3 installation    
        1. datavisualization.swc into the frameworks\libs  folder
        2. the datavisualization RSL into the frameworks\rsls folder
        3. datavisualization_rb.swc into the appropriate  frameworks\locale\<locale> folder

      I don't have a directory called sdks/3.0 ? Should I go ahead and make one? The instuctions are for 3.5, but I'm installing 3.6-- I assume the instructions are the same.


      Thank you.