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    Where's CS5.5?

    Am_I_Lame? Level 1

      I have Master Collection CS5, which is registered, but I still haven't received any CS5.5 updates, including the one for Flash Catalyst.  If these have already been pushed out, how can I get them?  If not, when are they scheduled?  FInally, does anyone know if the 20 page limit has been expanded in Flash Catalyst 5.5?  Thanks.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          CS5.5 is not a free upgrade, unless you just purchased CS5. There are links on adobe.com that can fill you in on the pricing.


          As for the 20 page limit, this is still in place. But there is now cross component communication, so you can create custom components that can properly interact with one another. Also, since there is round-tripping with Flash Builder, you can look at managing the need for more than 20 states, but extending the project with code, and still be able to return to Flash Catalyst and work on the design. For example, rather than using 20 states to display a photo gallery, you could now create a few states and add the ActionScript code to properly manage the images.



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            Am_I_Lame? Level 1

            Darn.  Oh, well.  Do you know if it's any faster than CS5?  That version gets pretty slow once my project gets beyond 10 pages or so.  Also, to get around the 20 page limit I began embedding pages within pages, which actually can make sense from an organizational standpoint.  I found, however, that once I did so, all my carefully arranged layers and sublayers would get expanded and mixed up, making it very difficult to tell where various components were.  Do you know if this behavior has been fixed, or is it possible I was doing it wrong to begin with?