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    Capturing and playing back the file being captured


      Im trying something and I hope someone can help me. I have two computers, one dedicated to capturing a event and the other I have is dedicated to playback. They share the hard drive via a hard wire network. What I want to know is-


      Is there a way for the dedicated playback machine to access the video file that is still being captured by the capturing machine and play back parts of it in a sequence, ofcourse while that file is the one still being captured??





      I found a program that works with final cut (http://www.virtualvtr.com/pictureready/index.html). But Im looking for one to look with Adobe Premeire CS5.


      Machine Specs.


      Capturing Machine

              Macbook Pro connected with firewire


      Playback Machine

              Mac Pro




      Gosford Lawrence

      Video Editor