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    Solution when "See Also" Keywords are Not Displayed

    Barbara -CSI

      RobHelp 8 Users....

      If you click on the See Also pod in your RoboHelp file and nothing is displayed (all your hard work appears to have vanished), there is a relatively easy way to restore them. In this case, the generated help file has all the See Also related topics; you just can't see what they are or update them.


      I've seen one other solution posted, but if you have many topics (500+) it is a very time-consuming process.  It involves going into each topic, deleting the See Also Keywords, rebuilding the Keywords and then re-adding the topics.


      In a nut shell, the simpler method involves adding a new bogus topic, typing in all the See Also Keywords on that topic and Wa-La.... all your keywords and their associated topics will be displayed.  Nothing else needs to be done to your existing topics.


      1. Create a See Also report from the tools menu in RoboHelp.  Choose the option to report Keywords only. This is your reference for entering the Keywords exactly as they were before.

      2. Open the See Also pod from the Project Folder so you can watch as the Keywords reappear..

      3. Create a new bogus topic -- you can call it See Also Restoration.

      3. View its Topic Properties and select the See Also tab.

      4. In the See Also Keyword box, type in the first See Also Keyword (exactly the same as the original). Click on Add and Apply.

      6. Repeat for he remaining See Aslo Keywords .

      5. When you Save the Topic, the Keywords and all previously associated topics will now be displayed in the See Also Pod.

      7. When you are done, you can delete the See Also Restoration Topic.


      Barb Anderson

      Computer Services, Inc

      Paducah, KY.