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    RH 9 publish to SharePoint


      Hello all,


      I have a RH 9 project that I would like to publish to a SharePoint site. I enter the path in the box as "\\sharepoint.ipfs.net\Help\Training\Robo Help Files\MyFolder". When I press the "OK" button, I immediately receive and access denied error. As I am a site collection administrator with full control rights, I am a bit baffled as to what I am being denied access to.


      How can I publish my project?


      A bit on the structure of the site:

      - "sharepoint.ipfs.net" is the root site

      - "Help" is a subsite of "sharepoint.ipfs.net"

      - "Training" is a subsite of "Help"

      - "Robo Help Files" is a document library in "Training"

      - "MyFolder" is a folder in "Robo Help Files"