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    "The application was unable to start correctly (0xC000007B)"


      Bear w/ me...the beginning is a bit long...


      My old computer died a slow, painful death. I finally could not stand the constant crashes and recoveries, so I sprung for a new, triple-nasty, double-hang-down Win 7 box. I had a legal copy of LR 3.3 on the old computer along with LOTS of other stuff...I pulled the old C: drive out and installed it in the new box. All my LR catalogs and pix were in the F: drive on the old box, but I was unsuccessful at moving that drive over...it caused the new BIOS or OS to crash after POST (with some strange video ramifications), so I had a guy copy that stuff to a folder in the C: drive. I'll get a new drive and transfer it over later.


      The new box is running Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit on a Core i7-2600K 3.4 GHz quad-core processor. I think that the 64-bit version of LR 3.4 is failing...but not sure?


      During the time I'm futzing with the computers, Adobe releases 3.4.


      My problem is how to get LR 3.4 installed on my new box?


      I've got my Serial number (but never got far enough to use it). I've tried to download 3.4 twice, using Chrome and IE. It appears to work. I install it...appears to work. I try to launch it...get an error:


      "The application was unable to start correctly (0xC000007B)"


      I tried calling Adobe, but the call never went through. I've searched a dozen sites for some help but all I found was some cryptic stuff about:


      "Go to the CS5 LICENCE RECOVERY folder then the DLL FILE folder and then copy the original 32/64/both dll files and paste and replace the ones in

      the Adobe programe directory."


      Is that English? ;-)


      Another site suggested substituting amtlib.dll for amtlib64.dll, then renaming it to be amtlib.dll. I looked for these files and only found a amtlib.dll associated with PSE9...none related to LR3.4! Looked on both the new and old boot drives. NADA!


      I'd love some help...




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