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    beleaguered web designer requires assistance


      Good peoples of the Adobe community forums!


      Straight to the point.  I'm a rookie web designer, and I've got a client that makes custom fighting shorts, tees, and banners for MMA peoples.  They asked me to include an online clothing design tool like the one they've seen on Cafepress.com...

      check that out really quick-


      http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/makeadesign2.aspx?clear=true&no=321&color=29#designe r


      I couldn't find any similar applications for purchase/download online or on the Adobe Exchange.  What they want is almost exactly that- an interactive flash based widget, where the customer can do three things: upload an image on their computer onto the template: place vector images from a small library inside the application: add text to the template.  The customer designs the item, saves it, and places their order.  My client will print and ship the shirts or shorts or banners.


      I design websites in a Dreamweaver environment.  I have other questions for that forum like how to accept payments online, how to have users sign up for accounts with passwords, and how to save the information that the user makes on the flash game. I feel like I'm better trained in the designing end than the developer end and I'd like to change that.


      I use Flash Catalyst CS5 and Flash Builder 4, I also have Flex here on my computer.  My boss has Flash Professional CS5 on his setup if I need it.


      What I'd like to ask you guys, is how you would go about designing an interactive Flash application like the one on the above Cafepress.com website.  Any advice would be appreciated, like who I could ask or what tutorials specifically I could look at.


      Thank you- much love for you guys!!!

      Jay the Web D Rookie