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    Seeking feedback on components for a new budget build

    Jeremy Wolford

      Starting with my background: I guess I would qualify as a prosumer. My editing is going to be primarily single camera home movies, church events, whatnot. I had a short film in a festival once and am hoping to get back into that, but my stuff is usually talky dramas, so nothing terribly effects-heavy. My video is 1080/60p recorded to H.264 on SD cards, so I don't think I need a capture card. I cut my short on Final Cut, but my Mac can't handle the HD stuff and I can't justify the price of a new one, so I'm defecting back to the PC world. My budget is small (I'm hoping to keep the core components under $750, but that's somewhat flexible), so I'm looking for bang-for-buck type things. Since I'm not doing this for a living, I don't need to be in the top 20 on PPBM5, but I also don't want to have to sit all day. I've put together a PC before, but just for general use and almost a decade ago, so I know how to do it, but I'm out of touch with components until a few weeks ago when I started researching.


      Here's what I'm looking at, though I'm open to any suggestions:


      CPU: i7 960. (The Sandy Bridge stuff has scared me away from the 2600. This is only about $10 more than the 950 now - is it worth the upgrade?)

      Mobo: Asus Sabertooth X58

      RAM: Patriot Signature 1600 4 GB sticks (this seems like a better deal than the 1033 4 GB sticks with lower latency, but I don't know a ton about memory)

      GPU: GTX 550 TI (I picked up on this from another thread here as a good bang-for-buck suggestion - I'd be open to spending less money if there's one that doesn't have a significant performance drop-off)

      Boot Drive: Seagate Baracuda 1 TB 7200 6Gb/s (I feel pretty comfortable with the project disk setup, but I've read widely varying opinions about size/speed requirements for the boot drive. My biggest concern is using up one of my 6Gb/s slots if it's not going to add anything.)

      PSU: 700W (the eXtreme calculator said that this would be plenty, though Newegg was suggesting 950W. Is that just because they're trying to sell me stuff?)

      Case: NZXT GAMA-001


      Am I missing anything for the tower (other than optical drive and project disks)?


      Thanks for your help!