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    Source could not be found?

    Adrien. Level 1

      Maybe I can't because there proprietary - which would explain alot. But i recently started a new lib project in Flash builder 4.5 and I included the air libs with it. I wanted to see what one of the as files in the air lib looked like  - just for fun and upon dwevlving into a package and clicking on a .as file I could at first see that it had methods I could call and what some of those methods took, but upon trying to see what was in the file - I got a dialogue that states:


      source code could not be found for adobe.util.CustomActions at (the location in programs where the libs are apparently held under the flex sdk)


      it was a navagation error.


      So I went to where it said it didt exsit and found the airglobals.swc


      So is adobe not allowing us to see the source code for such files? I dont really care - its just in one of the videos on Adobe tv it showed one of the guys going into a swc and seeing the source code. but i was just curious.


      Any one have any ideas? explanations or reasons as to why I cant see the source code for a adobe air lib file - other then "because your not allowed"