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    External Authentication


      I am trying to provide external authentication to adobe livecycle. When I try to deploy the component, I get a warning message in the log saying below:


      "RN  [com.adobe.idp.um.spi.authentication.AuthenticationProviderSPI] UserM:GENERIC_WARNING: [Thread Hashcode: 12703139] Error in invoking getConfigName, exception message: Service: MyCustomFlashMediaAuthenticator not found."


      What causes this?


      Some times when I deploy, there is no such message in the logs.HOwever when I try to then authenticate, it just says below


      "2011-05-05 01:06:38,892 WARN  [com.adobe.idp.um.businesslogic.authentication.AuthenticationManagerBean] UserM:GENERIC_WARNING: [Thread Hashcode: 24021577] Authentication failed for user [testUser:testPassword (Error code - 12803 [0x3203]) as none of the AuthProviders can authenticatethe user. Refer to debug level logs of category com.adobe.idp.common.errors.exception for more details."


      When I list the installed components, it shows up with the correct version.However none of the log statements I try to log using log4j and System.out.println are showing up.


      Please help.