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    Flash CS5.5 is Irritating me

    asiabackpacker Level 1

      There was a day when I looked forward to new releases from Adobe. Now I tend to dread every new release, and unfortunately Flash CS5.5 is giving me plenty of headaches so far. Why change what isn't broken!!?? It drives me crazy when shortcuts are changed, and when the workflow changes. I'm all about new features, but please don't mess with what's already in place...or at least only mess with it when you have an undoubtedly better solution..arr! Instead of a partner in my work and business, Adobe begins to feel like a dreaded enemy when program updates get in the way of my workflow, instead of contributing to it.


      Anyway...sorry had to get the rant out....the thing I am hung up on right now is the publlish settings dialogue which is now totally different...


      I can't seem to figure out how to revert to default file names for the export. In previous versions of Flash, there was a button that said "Use default file names," now that button is gone in place of a convoluted publish settings dialogue.


      Anyone know how to return to default file names? The only way I can figure out how to do it right now is retyping the original filenames manually...not very useful..




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          Tareq AlJaber Employee Moderator

          Hi Elliot,


          The new dialog is designed to improve the usability as a one-stop shop for users to change all the settings related to a document in one dialog. The "one-stop-shop" for publish settings is required to help users discover the value of publishing profiles, which will play more important role in multi-screen publishing.



          We have replaced this button with a dialog that gets triggered when it does not find the path of one of the files. To invoke this dialog just add a bogus path to the file name and publish. That should trigger the following dialog :


          "One or more of the publish target directories for [File Name] does not exist

          Would you like to reset all publish target directories and file names to the defaults?"


          Hope that helps!




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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            that was very helpful info.


            thank you.

            (10 points if i were the op and allowed to award credit for helpful answers.)

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              asiabackpacker Level 1

              Thanks for the response Tareq... That seems like a pretty roundabout way to do something that used to be really simple...are you sure that's the only way to do it? Seems like either a step backwards, or a design flaw...

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                asiabackpacker Level 1

                BTW, I am finding so many bugs in Flash 5.5 that I feel like I am working in a beta version...so frustrating!!

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                  The removal of the "Use default names" has really put a nasty snag in my day-to-day workflow as well. This was a really useful feature when making quick versions and such.


                  Maybe there should be more beta tester's who actually use the software day-to-day.

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                    I have to agree that Adobe, with each new release, break their products instead of improving them. Old bugs don't get fixed, new ones appear. For example, In Flash CS5.5 when switching to Russian keyboard layout (input source), all the letter-based keyboard shortcuts just stop working. In Photoshop 12.1, when changing fullscreen modes or hiding palettes by pressing Tab, all keyboard shortcuts stop working oftenly. Alt/cmd-tabbing from and to Photoshop several times makes them work again. But sometimes it doesn't and you have to change instruments or press Esc, or just roll your face over the keyboard in order for them to work again.


                    Also, the inconsistency and total randomness of keyboard shortcuts throughout the whole CS suite just drives me nuts. Switching between documents: in some apps it's Cmd-~, in some -- it's Ctrl-Tab. Why can't you gather all the division managers together and agree on one single solution?


                    I also can't copy-paste paths from Photoshop into Flash, so I have to copy-paste them in Illustrator first, and then copy-paste them from Illustrator to Flash.

                    And there are many more major bugs/annoyances, which thankfully I can't remember right now.


                    My Adobe expert certificate feels like something dirty and disgusting, more and more each year. Like I sold my soul to the devil, or something.

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                      jacobonline Level 1

                      I also very much would like the Save Default Name feature back. It slows me down. In my workflow I have many templates saved that I open and start with for ad creation. The flash file retains this template name. When I have to retype this name in the flash, html, and jpeg settings it is very irritating when I could simply push a button before.

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                        boudewijndanser Level 1

                        Although i've found some improvements in Flash CS5.5, there are also a lot of bugs...

                        What surprises me most is that it appears that nobody is listening...

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                          Nope, doesn't work at all. Bogus path?  It will let me put anything in there, heres a swf name




                          great work adobe. haha. So so stupid. Perfect example of the expression "If it aint broke, don't fix it".