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    How to handle DPX files for transfer to another party across the country.




      I'm currently working with somebody that is on the other side of the country to do some positing work for my Premiere Pro progect.  There are 31 shots that need some compositing work.  I have already created the DPX files that I will be sending him, however, the total size of all project files is 33gigs.  Now, I decided to zip the files up and send that way.  Then it hit me, when I zipped up the thousands of individual DPX files I will be sending him, the compressed way down, like 8-1 (from 33gb to 7gb). The full project ended up being  I sent him one small batch of files, he opened them, and said they did not seem as though they lost any resolution, but I'm more concerned with color information being lost.  So, my question is this...When I zipped up the files, did I lose anything.  The unzipped back to the appropriate size (roughly 9mb per frame), and he said he could not see any loss in the image.  However, my concern is that when I go to bump up exposure on a couple of shots that were lost, Im going to be dealing with artifacting, and working with a lot less information than the original DPX files contained. 


      Did I lose information when I zipped up the DPX files?  



      Please help.  I may end up just fedexing him a hard drive full of media, but then I have to worry about shipping a flash drive with my media on it. 



      Thanks in advance for ANY and ALL assistance.