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    Exporting only 1 area


      Hi guys,


      Iam just a starter with Robohelp.
      Just i have at this moment one small problem.

      I need to make an easy FAQ for my company.


      Somebody already ever made one , so i can use the old one to update it.
      Now here the problems started.
      The files are soo big and there are many languages and i just dont understand this old structure.


      Now here is my question.


      On my screenshot here:



      U can see on the left side all the area's.

      On the right side u can see the area i need right now.


      How i can export only that one area ?


      Thanks for your help guys.

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          What you call areas are two different things. On the left side you see the project manager that shows you all the available topics in the project. On the right side is the Table of Contents. These two are separate.


          The available topics are just the htm files in your project. The Table of Contents is just a table of contents and can contain any of the topics in the project, in any order. Probably your predecessor has already created a layout to make the output you need. Check "Single Source layout" on the bottom left of the screen. Double click "WebHelp (default)". That should probably create the output you need.


          If you want to get up to speed with RoboHelp, consider donating a few dollars to Rick for one of his goober guides. http://www.gooberguides.com/products/robohelp/


          Please post back if you have any questions.





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            MazisPilecki Level 1

            Wow thanks.I got a lil step closer.
            At this moment he exported only the HTML i needed.
            But there still other languages in them i dont need.


            But for sure this will help more.

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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              Check if all the different languages have a different Conditional Build Tag applied. Select the properties of the topic and look under Advanced > Topic-level tags.


              When you create the output, you can select which Conditional Build Tags to exclude from your output. My guess is that your predecessor set the help up so you could generate only the language you need. But that's a little hard to tell without looking at the project.





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