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    Adobe Reader 8.2.4 - HELP - Grows to 944MB when opening simple PDF (Fine in 7,9 and X)



      In our organization, we have started receiving PDF's which break Adobe 8.


      They are about 800k.


      First, it hangs, the executable grows to around 944MB, and then the PDF appears.


      After this scrolling through the PDF hangs. Especially when you hit the pages with images.


      The PDF contains about 10 or 11 images.


      Its not possible to upgrade right now due to Corporate Policy.


      WinXP using 8.2.4, tried to disable all plugins, disable all image related preferences - no help - it must be base functionality that just does not like this PDF.


      Opens fine and scrolls fine in 7,9 and X.


      Any ideas? Its a major problem....


      Similiar to http://forums.adobe.com/thread/394415