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    Reuse of Action Script.

      Hi everyone,

      I'm just wondering if anyone has figured out an easy way to reuse action script library across different project. I am writing different Flex applications now and they all reside in different folders. I'm using Maven to build my mxml files (israfil plugin). I'm wondering if we can compile some sort of common libraries that can be used by my different project (similar to how Maven builds Java, i.e. by specifying one project depend on another and can download the class files from the repository provided it's installed already).
      One way I can think of is to actually write all of the source code in one common folder and have all projects refer to this folder, but this is not the preferred way to do it as:
      1. Different developers who need to work on project that uses this common code needs to download this common code as well (for the script include attribute to work).
      2. It's introducing hidden dependency (we have to have the source which is in a different project/folder downloaded and yet in our maven pom file, we don't specify this dependency).

      If anyone can help out, that would be greatly appreciated.
      Many thanks,