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    Wrong serial for AFX CS5.5....is it just me

    col sam trautman

      So i bought the upgrade to AFX CS 5.5 from the adobe store intel mac version  . Next day my e:mail arrived with my serial number so i logged in to my account and downloaded everything went great it installed fine


      Ok so now i plug in the serial number this is the error i get  (this serial number is not valid for this product)


      Ok so Right English international..... check


      uninstall try again.... not working


      so this i when i rang Adobe support.  it is a simple thing its not the right serial number


      well it is according to adobe support it is the right serial however  about 30 mins to the support  call we had a break thru and the engineer worked out that AFX CS 5.5   is actually version 10.5 internally and my serial number is for 10 so great we have cracked i have the wrong serial


      now passed over to customer support to get a new serial  30 mins later customer support tells me that my serial number is correct and they have to hand me back to tech support  i informed them that were i just came from


      So back to tech support, yet again we work out its the wrong serial and guess were i,m sent back to customer support to get a new serial number


      its a true infinite loop


      i had been on the phone for about 2 hours now including hold music so i had to go back to work



      What have i learned from this adobe must spend millions training people to do support but why not just give the money  to the people who program AFX CS5.5 instead with one click of a button we knew what the problem was


      "this serial number is not valid for this product"..........


      So i still don,t have the correct serial my support ticket is still open i,m in trial mode ....29 day to go before i get very anxious


      is it just me with this issue


      thanks for your time sorry about any typos