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    Help. I need help in demystifying the context sensitive Help Map ID management.

    Steve OB

      I have a 550+ page RoboHelp 8 HTML help application. It's total content consists of topics from 4 Word 2007 documents. I generate the help in the Microsoft HTML Help format because we need the chm file for integration into the host application.


      My developer has incorporated the help application into the host application.


      When adding new topics to the help, I need to incorporate them into the Map ID s. The new topic does appear in the “Topic” section of the “Edit Map IDs” dialog box, but it does not appear in the “Map ID” section, so it can be assigned an ID #, and to the correct topic.


      The only way I can get the topic into the “Map ID’s” section of the dialog box, is to do an “Auto-map” operation. This re-assigns all of the topics to new ID #s. In turn this necessitates re-assigning all of the previous “Map IDs” to their original "ID #s". After attempting to do that, many of the “Map IDs”, which were in the "Map ID" section of the Edit Map IDs dialog box, disappear! RoboHelp also will not allow the use of the original Map IDs, because they “cannot be reused”. I need to know how to add new topics, keep the original “Map ID #s”, with the original “Map IDs” and assign new Map ID#s to the new topics.


      I must be missing something, I can’t imagine Adobe not having a way to add topics and assign an “ID #” and topic to them, without having to go through all the problems I am facing. All help is greatly appreciated!!